Safety Tips

The Internet is a dangerous place, and cyber criminals are getting more creative in ways to target you and your invaluable personal information.Here are a few computer safety tips that will help you protect yourself and your family from online predators:

1. Don’t click on any links inside an email unless you know for sure where it is going to.
2. When you go to any website read the address bar on top to make sure you are in the right website. Example:
3. Don’t ever click on an email attachment that ends with .exe .vbs .com these are programs that contain viruses. Example: LoveLetter.exe
4. Be very careful when you visit unknown websites.
5. Don’t download anything from unknown websites but if you have to, then save it, scan it with a strong Anti Virus software and then open it if it is clean.
6. Learn about new Phishing and Social Engineering techniques hackers use.
7. Install one strong Internet Security program and keep it up to date.  Run full scans often.
8. Use Firefox or Microsoft Edge (Windows 10) browsers instead of Internet Explorer (they are safer).  Keep it up to date.
9. Install the NoScript browser extension for Firefox that blocks pop ups.
10. Increase the level of email filtering in Outlook.
11. Install OS updates and patches.
12. Disable Adobe Acrobat Java Script & opening file attachments with external applications.
13. Password tips:

• Change your password often.
• Use a mix of letters, numbers, and special characters (e.g. a-z, A-Z, 0-9, @,#,$,%) with at least 8 digits long.
• Use both uppercase and lowercase letters.
• Don’t pick a password that you have already used in the past or used it for a different online account.
• Don’t use Names, Words and Numbers that have a personal connection to you. (e.g. Date of birth, pet name, spouse’s name, etc.).
• Don’t use words that are in the dictionary.
• Don’t use the same password for all of your accounts especially online banking accounts.
• If your password gets into the wrong hands, it can cause a major damage to your personal information and online accounts.
• Here is a suggestion to come up with a password that you can remember: Make up a sentence you can easily remember such as “I have 2 kids: Jake 4 Amy 2”. Then take the

Most importantly, Hire an IT professional to make sure that your computer is working properly and your personal information is safe, secure and properly backed-up.

Customer Testimonials

"Paul provides an outstanding service that is both timely and effective! Good guy, knows his stuff, and brings real value to the table."

Bob Brenner
Guild Mortgage–Camarillo, CA

"Thank-you Paul for your integrity and outstanding service.I lost all of my family and overseas travel pictures and thought I would never get those memories back again.  I can now enjoy my priceless memories again."

Dr. Ken Plaut
College Chiropractic–Ventura, CA

"Within an hour, Paul was in my office, solving a problem I was having with a new system.  Paul returned later to make sure that the system was up and running.  I will definitely be calling upon Paul again in the future for all of my computer needs."

Janis Flippen
Janis Flippen Public Relations – Camarillo, CA.

"Paul did a great job on my home/business laptop. He was friendly and patient with my questions. His honesty and fairness were truly appreciated."

Janine Montoya
Tri County Air and Heating – Newbury Park, CA

"I learned so much from Paul and he is truly a pleasure to work with.  I will definitely be calling him for my future computer maintenance and improvements."

Vicki DeFina
DeFina Interior Designs – Simi Valley, CA

"I highly recommend Paul for his professionalism and Graciousness."

Fr. Peter Foran
Saint Jude Catholic Church – Westlake Village, CA

"I have hired Paul more than once to perform computer repair and eventually help me purchase a new one. He is very knowledgeable, is willing to teach and answer all questions as well as gets the job done. In this day and age of technology, it is so important to stay connected; Paul is the person to help you do that."

Amy Tanaka
Kashmirtanaka – Moorpark, CA

"Paul has been helping me with my computer repair issues for the last 5 years and he has been very reliable, professional and patient.  He is on time and always returns my calls the same day.
Today he came to my house and fixed my printer problem without charging me.  He is pleasant in working with me and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs help with their computers.  I am 87 years old and I totally trust Paul to help me with all of my computer problems."

Shirley Finfrock
Camarillo, CA

"Paul did a great job diagnosing my computer problem, recovering data from my damaged hard drive and setting up my new computer.  He answers his phone, returns emails quickly, is available on short notice, and shows up on time. He knows what he’s doing and provides great customer service.  I would definitely recommend him for home and business computer issues."

Marcy Duvall
Camarillo, CA

"Paul is a very professional and personable business owner.  I’m glad I have him helping me with my computer repair and PC training needs."

Chad Cockerell
Guild Mortgage – Camarillo, CA

"I would like to say that Paul Nation of Computer Wiz On Call is always on call.  I have used his services and he is friendly and offers professional services."

Kathy Gray
Guild Mortgage – Camarillo, CA

"Our family considers ourselves very lucky. Several years ago through a routine internet search we discovered COMPUTER WHIZ ON CALL. Since that day all our computer/printer/WiFi issues have become a thing of the past. There hasn’t been a problem within our home that Paul of Computer Whiz hasn’t been able to troubleshoot with satisfactory results. We can always rely on him to resolve myriad technical issues. You won’t have to pack up your malfunctioning device to go to the “hospital” for repair. Complete satisfaction will be rendered at your home site. Along with the highest degree of technical knowledge you can also expect, courtesy, punctuality and a willingness to explain in detail the problem that required the need for service. We remain very happy campers and now think of Paul as a family member."

Beverly Patrick
Camarillo, CA

"My HP was running extremely slow and I had many issues accessing certain programs, etc.  After months of this and a high quote from Best Buy, I just decided to just buy a MAC.  I called Paul to transfer my files and photos and also maybe teach me a little about my new MacBook Air.  He totally surpassed my expectations.  He ended up not only helping me transfer and organize my files but removed a virus (& other stuff I didn’t quite understand), getting my HP back and running just like new.  He also recommended free workshops to learn how to use my new computer.  Such an honest and knowledgeable guy, which I’m especially grateful for because I know nothing about computers."

Domonique Rodriguez
Camarillo, CA

"I’ve know Paul for a few years and I can say that he is a genuine and honest nice guy. He knows technology inside out.  He offers great value and I could not be happier with his work…. highly recommend him, simply the best."

Debbie E.
Ventura, CA.

"AWESOME! Called Paul and my computer was repaired in less than one day! Doesn’t get any better than that!  Try him and you’ll see…"

Jon F.
Camarillo, CA

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